5 Reasons Why Food Trucks Are Spectacular


When you first hear the words “food truck,” what comes to your mind? Chances are, you might think of some of the more exotic ones that have become popular. Right here in Asbury Park, you can get pork roll, lobster rolls, and Brazilian BBQ within ten feet of each other at North Eats. Here are some of the reasons why we love food trucks.

Source: Yelp

The Ability to Go Anywhere

Chances are, your favorite food truck can be anywhere within the area. Food trucks can be in one spot one day, and another one the next. Who knows? One day, a popular food truck from NYC could make the trek down to Asbury Park.

Source: Instagram (@bettysicebox)

Unique Ideas

Food trucks like Betty’s Ice Box are known for offering a unique twist on traditional foods that make our taste buds go wild. Whether it’s a twist on a traditional food or dessert, or one that brings a whole new dining experience, food trucks can bring some food concepts we haven’t seen in restaurants.

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Whole Festivals!

Yes, food trucks now even have their own festivals. Monmouth Park in nearby Oceanport hosts the Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival with over 60 trucks in attendance. Down in Ocean County, Laurita Winery also hosts a food truck festival.

Source: Yelp


Food trucks can satisfy hunger of any type. Whether you are looking for just a snack for a day at the beach, or a full meal at an affordable price, there is a food truck out there for you!

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Their Following

Many food trucks have a unique following. Since they are not glued to one specific location, devotees go to Facebook or Instagram to find out where they might be going next. People become addicted to food trucks because of the unique food they offer.

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