Looking for a Hassle-Free Way to Get Your Asbury Park Beach Badge?


Looking for a hassle-free way to get your Asbury Park beach badge so you can head straight for the sand? I’ve been there when the beach badge line extends the length of a boardwalk block. I feel for the people standing there sweating, holding three to six different beach day items (towel, chair, bag, umbrella, cooler, child), waiting…just wanting to settle in and enjoy their day. Sound familiar?

Consider one of the following options to lighten your load and make your Asbury Park beach day what it should be: relaxing and amazing.

Tony’s Beach Badge Insider Tip #1:

If you park in the numbered street spots and pay for parking at one of the meters, did you know that you can ALSO pay for your daily beach badge at the same time? Crazy right? But it’s true. Pay for your badge(s) at the meter, then simply bring your printed receipt to ANY beach entrance point for your daily badge. Easy.

Tony’s Beach Badge Insider Tip #2:

ASBURY HAS AN APP FOR THAT! That’s right, there is an app for buying your beach badge! The Viply app is available for iPhone and Android. Once downloaded, simply pay for your daily badge(s) through the app and show the validation screen on your mobile device to ANY beach entrance point along the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Once it’s scanned, the badge checker will issue your daily pass(es). There IS a small convenience fee for from Viply (typically $1.00) so keep that in mind when deciding on how and where to buy your badge.

But wait there’s MORE… the Viply app allows you to buy season passes as well! Pay through the app then take your mobile device and visit either the city’s beach office located at Boardwalk and 1st Ave, the 3rd Ave boardwalk booth or 7th Ave boardwalk booth during posted hours to scan-in and get your physical badge(s).

Tony’s Beach Badge Insider Tip #3

A little birdie told us that at some point during the 2017 beach season the conventional “Beach badge pin” may be replaced by wristbands. Don’t be alarmed however as both forms of access will still get you onto the best beach on the Jersey Shore – Asbury Park.

Here’s a little more on beach badges per the City of Asbury Park:

Daily badges:

  • Monday through Friday: $5
  • Weekends: $7

Seasonal badges:

  • Ages 12-17: $20
  • Ages 18-61: $70
  • Ages 62 and over: $20

Children under the age of 12, Active Military Personnel, and disabled veterans can access the beach for free.

NJ Transit offers a seasonal special package for round-trip train tickets plus beach badge.

Beach access is closed to the public (meaning the beach can be accessed only with a beach badge) on Memorial Day Weekend (May 22-29), June 3-4 and 10-11, and from June 17 through Labor Day Weekend (September 4). Additional September weekends may be added after Labor Day, depending on weather and water conditions.

Hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 6 pm on weekends and holidays.

During these hours there will be lifeguards on duty, and buoys and ropes marking off the areas for swimming. Keep an eye out for the safe conditions flag: if the water is rough, follow lifeguard instructions to leave the water.

To access the beach, badges/wristbands should be worn at all times, and will be checked on your way onto the sand.

Beach badges are also available at the Boardwalk Beach Office (boardwalk at First Ave), open from 10 am to 4 pm.

You can reach the Beach Office via phone at 732-502-8863 for any additional information. All above information is subject to change, so please confirm all beach information with the City of Asbury Park.