Hidden Tillies: Where You Can Find Them


Tillie has been an iconic symbol in Asbury Park for 60 years, and is one of the top things locals love in this town. While everyone knows that the original Tillie now rests on top of the Wonder Bar, there are a few other places where you can catch his smiling face. Learn more about Tillie below and check out our hints for where you can find hidden Tillie’s.

The History of Tillie

history of tillie

Source: flickr.com/photos/sis/

According to the website Save Tillie, Tillie’s face first appeared on the building side of Palace Amusements in 1955. He received worldwide recognition thanks to various photos by Bruce Springsteen. In 1988, Palace Amusements closed its doors forever, and Tillie’s future was at risk. His face also became a symbol of the tough times Asbury Park faced in the 80s, 90s and Early 2000s. During the early 2000s, locals came together to try and convince the town to save Tillie before the demolition of Palace Amusements happened. The original Tillie still smiles today.

The Stone Pony

Source: flickr.com/photos/rickharris/
The next time you attend a show inside of the Pony, look up as you exit through the front doors. You’ll be surprised by Tillie’s face. You might also find him on the walls if the house lights are on.

Johnny Mac House of Spirits


Look at the outside of this popular bar before you enter to catch the Hidden Tillie in here. There’s also one on the right hand side of the inside, just up the stairs. See if you can find it!

Silverball Museum Arcade


There’s a Tillie right before you walk in promoting the original Palace Amusements photo booth. You can also find a hidden Tillie on a clock on the boardwalk side of the arcade.

Uncorked Paint & Sip Studio


When on Cookman Avenue, walk between the arched opening at Court Square and look to your right. You will see two-painted Tillie’s on the wall, as pictured above.

Corbo Restaurant Supply


Walk along the front of this building and you’ll see a portion of the tilt-a-whirl at Palace Amusements. Look for Tillie and Mrs. Tillie in the front of the building, facing Main Street.

Saltech, LLC.


This one is a bit tricky to find. As you head west on Asbury Ave., look to the right as you pass the train tracks. You’ll find Tillie right on the front door of this business.

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