Why Locals Love Asbury Park

Why Locals Love Asbury Park

What makes a city great? Is it the history, the architecture, the food, the nightlife, or even the size? All of these play an important role in defining a city. What truly makes a city are the people and the spirit that manifests in its streets. Street life in Asbury Park is a grab bag of odds and ends that truly give the city its charm. From urban hipsters, punk rockers, drag queens, and smiling families, Asbury has it all.

The city is teeming with art on every corner. Between the Wooden Walls project on the old casino and carousel, to murals crawling on the sides of the buildings, creative energy is everywhere. With music drifting from the boardwalk down the avenues, the town is never short on local talent. In the hollows of the broken buildings from the past rises an energy that will seduce you wholeheartedly.

In no particular order, here are a few reasons why us locals love Asbury Park, the place we call home.

1. Street Life.

Street Life

Source: artofporkchop.com

Known for its urban vibe and relaxed shore lifestyle, Asbury Park has only intensified these amazing aspects over time. Starting with local musicians like Cats on a Smooth Service (the house band at The Stone Pony) to the Boss and Bon Jovi, its musical history is truly awe-inspiring. The city is always celebrating its uniqueness.

Last October, a reception by the Parlor Gallery and Sea Change AP was held to commemorate the completion of the Wooden Walls Mural Project at the Asbury Park Boardwalk. This project put on display the artwork of local and international artists for the public to enjoy and to add even more beauty to the community.

Art from Pork Chop, Harif Guzman, Tina Schwarz, and more were all featured. Sea Change AP said it best, “Organizers recognize the town as a community that embraces creative endeavors and is appreciative of public art, and seek to promote the town’s reputation to this end.”

2. We Heart the History.

We Heart History
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Asbury Park was first founded in 1871. Convention Hall was created by architects Warren and Wetmore, the same people who designed New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Even though the Casino and Carousel are no longer in use, their architecture is admired by everyone and captured in many photographs and various pieces of artwork. Once Tillie made its debut, it became one of the international symbols of Asbury Park. The iconic face can be found on everything from T-shirts to car magnets and of course on the Wonder Bar. Asbury Park’s rich history can be discovered on almost every avenue. You will be able to read more on the history in the boardwalk in our next blog!

3. Full Bellies and Good Times.

Full Bellies

Asbury Park is known for it’s amazing food. While we love to see you at our stands, there is so much to “dine” for. Some of our suggestions include The Speakeatery (The B’s Knee’s is a must try), Asbury Oyster Bar (located in historic Convention Hall), and Pascal & Sabine (brunch is recommended).  Check out the nightlife at either of our fav spots like Johhnny Mac House of Spirits (free pizza with your first drink) or the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten (order the Bavarian Brezel). There is a little something for everyone’s taste buds.

4. Boardwalk.

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The perfect place if you are looking to shop or grab a quick bite to eat (come say hello!) Robert Francis, the Dork of Deception, can be found performing magic tricks with coins, cards, and balls. Music can be heard from The Stone Pony headliners and various performers lined up along the boardwalk. Even a bonfire on the beach can be enjoyed from spring to fall. But if all of this isn’t enough, just take a stroll on the boardwalk. The smell and sound of the ocean is enough to keep anyone coming back time and time again.

5. Events

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After this winter weather is behind us, we welcome the Asbury Park Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. This year it falls on Sunday, March 13 and it starts at 5th Avenue and Ocean Avenue. As the seasons change so do the activities held in town.

Don’t miss an opportunity for a good time. Visit asburyparkchamber.com for a full list of shenanigans throughout the year.

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