The History of Tony’s



Tony’s uses high quality ingredients and their signature Italian sausage recipes use a combination of fine pork and spices made exclusively for our family.

Our Grandfather, Anthony Segreto, loved good food almost as much as good times with family and friends. In 1946, Tony’s Italian Sausage was founded in the streets of Little Italy, NY at the world famous San Gennaro Feast. He taught us that great ingredients would never disappoint.

Tony’s was born out of passion and love for culture and community. While the place and times may have changed, the principles remain the same. We believe in supporting our entire community in order to see the progressive changes throughout our city by the sea. We pride ourselves in engaging our local youth and helping them gain life skills that will carry them in to adulthood.


  • kristina-bannon head honcho

    Kristina Bannon

    Head Honcho
    Living in Asbury Park, Kristina Bannon is Tony’s granddaughter. Kristina has been serving up her family's signature street eats out of pop-up stands and food trucks since before she can even remember. “When I was little, I used to fake being sick so my Mother would take me to work...” Kristina said. Kristina brought their Italian sausage sandwiches and cheese steaks to the boardwalk in 2011 after having moved to be part of the local scene in 2003.
  • ana-managing-honcho

    Ana Islas

    Managing Honcho
    Born and raised in Asbury Park, this badass chick has been a part of our boardwalk operation since conception. Ana grew up in a traditional Mexican household where someone was always cooking in the kitchen. Her hard work ethic, perseverance, and love for cooking have made Ana a valuable asset to our family operation. So it’s only natural she’s responsible for training the young talent we recruit from our surrounding schools.